The First Meeting

We begin by going out and giving our clients a free estimate for their pool, deck or driveway. The estimate is based upon the size of the area and the needs of the customer. Our team then designs the pool to our clients liking, adding every detail that would work best for our clients.

The Design Process

The second step in our process involves choosing colors for your new project. This is the exciting part of the process – deciding the design of their new feature. There are a wide range of feature the client gets to decide on, whether it be the color of the finish on the pool, the tiling in and around the pool, the color of pavers on the deck, and the layout of the pavers on the deck. We have a huge show room with a wide range of designs for our clients to choose from. We also provide pictures of the items we have in our show room to make it more life like for our clients to see. 

Scheduling & Buildertrend System

The third step in our process is the easiest for our clients – you just sit back and relax while we handle the scheduling for your project. If it is a new pool, we have to begin filing for permitting for your property. We do all the permitting for you so you don’t have to worry about it! Whether the job is new or a remodel, once you sign the paperwork we begin to order the items needed for your job and put you into scheduling. We ask you to log into the system we use to communicate with our homeowners, it is called Buildertrend. This system stores all the correspondence, files , invoices and photos from your job. It allows you to communicate with anyone on our team at anytime. This system sets us apart for most companies as we upload photos and notes form your project onto the system so if the homeowner is not home they can still see photos and updates from wherever they are! 

The Construction Process

The fourth step is the construction process. We begin to work on your job site. We have project managers on site intermittenlty throughout your job and we stay connected with you through our buildertrend system! 

The Final Sit Down 

 The final step of the process involves one of our team members coming to your house to sit down with you and go over all the paperwork involved in the new job. During this time we ask any questions you may have and make sure the job is done to your satisfaction, because at the end of the day all we care about is our clients happiness.


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