Frequently Asked Questions


Is there a warranty?

Yes, we have many options for warranty on your pool, deck, equipment, or driveway. We have a 1 year labor warranty on everything we install. We have great lifetime warranty plasters through the manufacturer – making sure your pool doesn’t have any issues. Also, our Pentair equipment has a 3 year warranty.


Do we use subcontractors?

Almost all of our workers are in house. We do not use subcontractors for pool or deck work and we have some great workers! We pride ourselves on the hard work our team does (Some phases of new construction are subcontracted out). 



Is there a better time of year than another to work on a pool?

No, there is no specific time of year that is better to work than another. We recognize that in Florida the summer is the rainy season, however that does not stop us from working. We can work through light rain.


What kind of features can I add to my pool area?

We have a wide array of additional options to really make your pool and deck area pop. Check out our water features tab on the portfolio page to find out some cool things you can do to your pool area! 


What is the process for scheduling work?

Call us or message us to schedule an appointment for one of our sales people to come out and give you an estimate! After the estimate is given you can schedule a time to come into our showroom and meet with a design consultant. Once you meet with the consultant to pick your colors and options you can move forward with the process of scheduling work to begin!

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